Speedo Penalty - Dee Bala drops the beauty! Juventus collapses. Lecce brings the crowd at ease.

27 Jun

"Zebra" Juventus do not let a golden opportunity to lead the head of a single herd comfortably after "Ronaldo - Debala" beat each other before the attack, attacking Lecce 4-0 to score away from Lazio. As far as 7 points is completed Kaloch in Serie A Italian football match Friday night, June 26 ago.

Stadium: Allianz Stadium

     Kaloch football battle Serie A, Italy, Friday night, June 26, past "Zebra" Juventus to play without much pressure. After the defeat of Lazio before this game, Mauricio Sarri, the home trainer, instructed the team to move forward with three points, leading a crowd of 7 points to give the star player. "Cristiano Ronaldo Dido "is a dangerous striker to beat the visiting team like Léché, who is very much in need of the points to go out. Fabio Olivera, the visitor manager, urged" Marco Mankosu "to attack with hope. Bay led the club on a mission to escape the relegation at the end of the remaining season. 

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